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New Dawn Montana (MT) Farm Sanctuary, is Montana's 501.C.3 non-profit sanctuary for food farmed animals. The sanctuary exists to provide a home to often overlooked and forgotten pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, varied poultry and two llamas. Please support / donate to this one of a kind in Montana sanctuary! All donations go 100% directly to animal needs at this grass roots sanctuary. Animal ambassadors have ample food, vet care and land to roam. They are valued as the unique, wonderful individuals they truly are and live freely as they deserve to do at New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary.

famous Molly B cow

The famous Molly B. at her new home, here at New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary. Click here for a link to hear "The Ballad of Molly B".


Furthering the missions of the sanctuary is promoting active compassion towards animals and people, by "doing unto others as we would have done to us". We truely know that taking direct, personal action of not harming our animal earth mates, develops at a higher level: kindness, caring and love amongst us humans towards each other and non-human species.

3 Montana Buddies

Three Montana Buddies

       We sadly are full and cannot accept further placement of : pigs and cattle, etc. Horses are referred to equine sanctuaries.

The sanctuary encourages turning as much as you can towards vegan, plant-based eating, etc., which is a positve step for human health, the planet and the animals. Please read information at link about the sanctuary sponsored: Western Montana Vegetarian Society. Choose to eat with compassion and your good health in-mind. Educational materials for plant-based living, etc., are readily provided for free at and by sanctuary. We are here to help you on your journey.

People enjoy visiting the sanctuary farm animals, knowing no harm is intended towards the animals here. Guests are impacted (and sometimes surprised) by the charm and personalities of the individual farm animals at the sanctuary, as much as with companion pet animals and more. Guests often decide to forgo eating / using animals-based products, or further strenghthen their resolve to leave dairy / meat off their menu. All have the opportunity to learn farmed animals need protection and, indeed, love too, while enjoying time with the sanctuary ambassadors at this peaceful oasis.

2 baby goats, one black, one brown and white

Todd and Toby

2 women with animals

Mutual affection between one of the sanctuary dairy steer's and sanctuary guests


New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary provides projects and internship positions and placements primarily for University of Montana staff and students. The internship program is designed to give college students a chance to gain experience with farmed animals in a nonproduction type setting. Most of the students, who receive school credit for their semester class at the sanctuary, are from neighboring U M. The internship offers students the rare opportunity to see farm animals behaving naturally and to observe them living freely. Students can interact with the animals as they participate in their daily care, special projects, plan activities and office duties. Additionally, New Dawn MT student intern, Marcie, with baby lambs gives students information about animal agriculture systems and current animal, environment and human health and welfare concerns. If you are interested in being a New Dawn student intern, contact U M internship dept. or e-mail the sanctuary. Other schools, faculty and students are also welcome to contact the sanctuary for more information. Church, Scout groups, K-12 students, etc., are all welcome to visit the farm animals and day projects abound here for wholesome, helpful activities and fun. Potential volunteer credit time is available.

       Animal residents have a life-long shelter and live out their natural life-spans in peace at:  New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary. We are prepared when accepting an animal to provide life-long care, without hesitation, for whatever reason they have come to us.  

woman and sheep

   Please be a supporter. As animal ambassadors for their kind, let the residents speak to you in their own way about our version of the 3- R's: Re-thinking,
and  aiming to ultimately Refuse to eat or wear animal-based products. We hope to inspire people to choose a mindful, humane lifestyle that benefits the animals, humans and our planet.  A winning combination! For all!

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CLICK here to view a fun music video about the sanctuary also featuring Jack the Bitterroot Beagle.


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To view the Missoulian newspaper article entitled "Sanctuary from Slaughter" about New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary click here.


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